Interview: Mexico Government Claims on Disappeared Students Exposed

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Interview: Mexico Government Claims on Disappeared Students Exposed

People hold pictures of missing students during a demonstration on the outskirts of Chilpancingo, in the Mexican state of Guerrero (Photo: REUTERS)
People hold pictures of missing students during a demonstration on the outskirts of Chilpancingo, in the Mexican state of Guerrero (Photo: REUTERS)
Published 16 December 2014
TeleSUR interviews the Mexican journalists whose explosive revelations show higher levels of official involvement in the disappearance of 43 students.

Explosive allegations were published in Proceso, one of Mexico’s leading news weeklies, this past Sunday, revealing strong evidence pointing to direct participation by federal authorities in the presumed killings of dozens of education students from the drug war-torn state of Guerrero.

The investigation also revealed that Mexican federal, state and municipal authorities were tracking the exact movements of the students on the same night of the massacre in question this past September 26 and that according to the government’s own documents, and in at least five clear instances, key testimony obtained by officials to sustain their…

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My journey around the world in 16 days: A spiritual and academic venture

tomorrow i begin a spiritual academic journey around the world. in 16 days, i will have walked on los pedacitos de tierra boston, dublin, edinburg, london, shanghai, auckland, sydney, and hawai’i before i return to la saguara in phoenix.

the purpose of my trip is threefold: 1) to learn from others at two conferences, 2) to share my research on ancestral computing for sustainability, and 3) to exchange with the land, peoples, star nation…

at the university of edinburg, i will participate in the world education research association.

in shanghai, i will explore for a bit.

at the university of auckland, i will participate in the international indigenous development research conference.

and while i’m away, ethnic studies as a high school graduation requirement better pass in LAUSD!

i will return with a new set of spirit eyes no doubt, ones that have been humbly touched by little pieces of earth that i will thread together, the UK, China, NZ and the US. no need for magic titles, just presence, intention, hard work, understanding,… song in my heart liver.

and a journey it will be, to experience her voluptuousness, the full roundness of her body, Mother Earth.

so much gratitude inside of me, oozing out to one and all. ❤

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My Xicana shaved head

After having her over for ten days, my precious little niece left me with two main gifts: lice and the inspiration to let go.

Photo on 7-29-14 at 8.13 PM #2At first the second of the gifts was not readily apparent; I had to dig deep for that one.

The first of the gifts presented themselves as a huge annoyance. I first realized I had piojos when I stared into the mirror and saw a liendre shining under the fluorescent light. I pulled it out with my fingers and popped it between my fingernails.

Oh hells nah.

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Linda Darling-Hammond: How to Close the Achievement Gap

Diane Ravitch's blog

Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University offers common-sense ideas about closing the achievement gap. She says that testing is less important than teaching. No surprise there.

She reviews an OECD study about teachers. What it shows is that teachers in the U.S. work longer hours under more difficult conditions than teachers in many other nations.

“Now we have international evidence about something that has a greater effect on learning than testing: Teaching. The results of the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), released last week by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), offer a stunning picture of the challenges experienced by American teachers, while providing provocative insights into what we might do to foster better teaching — and learning — in the United States.

“In short, the survey shows that American teachers today work harder under much more challenging conditions than teachers elsewhere in the industrialized world. They also…

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Ancestral Computing for Sustainability

I had never seen my Pa cry more tears of joy than the day my parents surprised us with our first PC. With a combined annual income of $20,000 for a family of five, my Mexican immigrant parents sacrificed so much to give us the best chance at an academically successful future. Shooting stars darted above us with excitement as we unpacked the computer system from the back of my father’s 1978 Chevy truck. My older brother took the lead in setting up the mysterious digital box. We all watched as he wrote the first command on the MS-DOS screen. Fast-forward two decades. My brother is a computing professional. Somewhere along the way, my sister and I developed the fear of breaking the computer if we were to punch in the wrong code or click on the wrong application, so we resorted to word processing, practicing our typing skills and playing solitaire. Click here to read more

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Ancestral Computing

We are the earth.

  • Do we see how we are living manifestations of our Mother Earth?
  • Do we feel our inseparability with Her?
  • Do we make decisions that consider our collective well-being?

This paper discusses ways in which we can turn to ancestral computing, a method of inquiry that lays out ancestral knowledge systems as a way to address our current complex societal problems, particularly in computer science education and production. Check it out and let me know what you think. Image

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” title=”Artivista”>Artivista

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